Mission Statement

Edgewater Technical Associates, LLC will provide the highest quality customer service possible,
to every customer, every time, and, provide every employee a rewarding work experience.

To achieve this mission, the Company’s approach to business operations will follow these guiding principles:

1The Company must maintain quality first, and sustainable growth second, with a majority of growth obtained through the repeat business of satisfied existing customers. In support of this principle, Edgewater will operate with the following values:

  • Existing customers must always come first.
  • Growth must always be accompanied with required quality.
  • All business decisions will consider the long-term interest of the customer as well as our core goal of sustainable growth through repeat business.
  • We will choose long-term solutions, at the expense of short-term profits.
  • Our reputation must be exemplary.

2The Company must recruit the highest quality personnel, provide them rewarding employment opportunities, and retain them through honesty, respect, and highly competitive compensation. In pursuit of this goal, Edgewater will:

  • Retain only quality professionals who understand and embrace customer service.
  • Exercise loyalty and preference to incumbent employees with proven performance, even at the expense of short-term profit.
  • Offer performance incentives to Key Personnel, and reward exemplary employee efforts and results.